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Istimewa Kitchen
97/100 (328 ratings)
Street Food
"A shining gem in Bedok industrial area that has been producing consistent taste over the years that they have been there. The variety of food has..."
Atiqa Aziz
"After the stall at bedok wss closed for renovation, my chances of eating lunch again at this stall will only be in 2018 ... but i dun have to wait..."
Reena Sahat
"Chanced upon probably one of the most authentic nasi padang stalls around while in the vicinity with a couple of colleagues. Beef randang, ayam..."
Reagan Wid
"Catered their food for office staff party. First time buffet food is finished. Lol loveeee the mutton rendang to..."
Vicky Ang
"This is a gem in the east (sadly for me, no longer a “hidden gem” due to the queue that is forming everyday)! The food is so~~so~~SO~~~GOOD! The..."
Xinying Swa
"Wholesome dishes! Simple home cooked dishes which were so tasty and perfect taste for me! I had been going around searching for tasty Nasi Padang and..."
Sandy H H Lim
"Was servicing my car in the vicinity when I stumbled upon this place. They serve fantastic Malay food at economical price. Highly recommend the..."
Ong ChongLik
"Heard about the good nasi lemak here, but by the time I came down in the afternoon it was sold out. Tried their nasi Padang and it was delicious too...."
Gerald Chan
"Omg I didn’t realize the stall had a Facebook page! Seriously, bestest nasi padang. Food is delicious - elevated homecooked goodness. Service is..."
Cheyenne Lu
"The food is delicious and affordable.have to go down early to avoid..."
Dahl Wolfskinz
"Ok dgr2 gerai nasi padang yg paling hot kini adalah Istimewa Kitchen. So baru tadi aku dgn members2 aku gi lunch kat sana. Pergh masa tgh beratur je..."
Fadil Del Yunus
"Great food, reasonable prices and friendly ppl, what more can you ask for...."
Augustine Seng Ck
"Great tasting food! Must try if you are in the..."
Ahmad Matin
"I just try it today..... Nice, tasty, authentic......"
Toni De Laubeng
Rise & Grind
74/100 (1077 ratings)
Quick Bites
"This is the best place to relax while listening jazz music..."
Drew Eusebio
"Very cozy place to have brunch weekend. The food was well presented and tasted authentic western..."
Wei Jenny
"Loved my smooth cup of mocha and my perfect brunch plate titled 'The Avo-ca-dukkah'!! One of the best brunch food I have tried! Definitely coming..."
Valli Pandit
"A great place for brunch! Love the pulled pork and scrambled eggs on croissant, which was done really..."
Wilfred Chan
"I'm honestly surprised by the quality of food here. Came here on a whim but discovered a treasure. The Gold standard got to be one of the top 10..."
Timothy Teo
"Had brunch and coffee with my brother yesterday. I must say that I like the environment but would prefer the alfresco version 'cuz the tables are..."
Josie Giam
"Come here every Monday with my kids. Portion here is great. Food is yummy. Love their coffee..."
LP Pauwels
"Food: Yummy and satisfying. Ambience: Homely and cosy. Service: Attentive and warm. The crisp RGC Waffle with coconut ice cream and salted caramel..."
John Dave Ng
"Want to give it 6 stars out of 5. Creative menu, brilliantly prepared. Friendly but unobtrusive service. I will be back. A..."
Ben Kiggell
"The truffle carbonara and aglio olio are nice, so are the breakfast..."
Lai Zit Seng
"Had an excellent aglio olio set lunch today! Very generous with ingredients...."
ShyMeei Siow
"Love the sweet potato fries and cafe mocha. It's my go-to...."
Melissa Tay